About Us


At Cookie Cottage, we use only the finest ingredients and a treasured collection of recipes to ensure that every morsel of cookie goodness is a sensational, mouth-watering experience.

Our first batch of cookies hit the cooling rack in 1989, as we began baking cookies at the enthusiastic encouragement of family and friends. We opened our first Cookie Cottage shop in a cozy little building in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with barely enough room to turn around. From those humble beginnings, news quickly spread about "the best cookies in town" and the Cookie Cottage continues to grow in keeping with our customers' appetites.

As sisters and business partners, we have a deep bond, especially since we share the same birthday 13 years apart. We have based our business on family values and a commitment to our community and customers. We hope you enjoy your Cookie Cottage cookies, and please visit us again soon!

Confectionately yours,
Theresa and Maureen